Born and raised in Tulsa, OK, I enjoyed cooling off and vacationing up in Crested Butte since I was little. I always dreamed of spending time in Crested Butte after college. I moved here literally one day after graduating from Colorado State University in 2002 to decide how I planned to use my psychology degree and what my expectations were for my future. However, as many before me, I found it impossible to leave. I fell in love with the lifestyle and the community of this town, and lucky me, my future husband. As luck would have it, I came upon Mountain Colors in May 2004 in the employment column in the Crested Butte News. The job was meant to be a fun summer job while I searched for a “real job”, yet it became my new passion – color and design. I had always felt lost in the professional side of life until I let my creativity take over. Finding a way to keep that creativity alive became a priority. That was the main reason I purchased the business from the previous owners in October 2006. The design aspect of this business challenges me daily as I try to stay on top of new and upcoming products and design trends. And the small business aspect of this business challenges me in a whole different way as I try to stay competitive, reliable, and profitable in the building industry. When not at Mountain Colors, you can find me hanging with my boys Hugh (9) and Bode (7) and showing them all the joys of growing up in Crested Butte. When we have free time, my husband and I trade who gets to go skiing, trail running, or mountain biking to actually get out and enjoy our beautiful surroundings. Sometimes, we even have a wonderful visiting family member or babysitter into watching our boys so we actually get to ride singletrack or sit on a chairlift together.

Photo by Alison White



Originally from Missouri, Jacinta graduated from Western State Colorado University in 2014 with a degree in business management. Jacinda joined our team in 2016 and is quickly learning the ins and outs of a very complicated and technical business. She is a trained certified paint and colorist expert, but also helps run run this small business with her business knowledge. When Jacinda isn’t at the shop, you can find her hanging with her boyfriend Tim and her adorable dog Rossi hiking, biking, skiing, doing what she loves in this gorgeous area!



Kate Harrington joins our team with over 16 years of retail experience. Kate is a true Crested Butte local, born and raised in the Valley which is a rarity these days. She brings to the team professional and reliable customer service. Kate is a certified colorist and brings reliable and helpful color advice to all of our customers! When she’s not at the shop, you will find her baking delicious baked goods, and hanging with her husband, 8 year old son Finn and Paco the dog.